Title of Innovative Idea: Beats and Waves - Mark P.

Description of Innovative Idea: Use the app, "iSeismometer," to experiment with seismic waves. With this app, the iPad/iPhone becomes a seismometer and seismograph, capable of detecting and recording seismic waves from three directions along the X, Y, and Z axes. The app can be projected for whole class instruction/interation, or used on individual devices for small group learning. Observe how seismic waves travel through solids of varying densities. A bonus feature with this app is that it also can detect and graph a heart beat when the iPad/iPhone is held against one's chest... Heart rate changes...?

Time Frame (if applicable):

Artifacts (student/other samples):

Rubrics/Assessments (if applicable)

Explain how your innovative idea will benefit the classroom experience (students, teachers, etc).

Handouts/Resources(website links):

Does your innovative idea address any of the following?:

  • solve real world problems

  • students as producers

  • open access for all students

  • equal distribution of work

  • exhibit passion

  • question the status quo

  • follow a line of thinking...

  • collaboration

  • communication

student engagement