Challenge 1

Design, Build, Discuss, Repeat
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Your challenge if you choose to accept it... Read all directions before beginning please.

  1. Use the provided materials to build a model kitchen space that has an area equal to 24 units squared.

  2. What is a square unit you ask? You decide, just provide a key to justify the thinking.

  3. Document the process your group used to create your design. You can use iPads, phones, other cameras, etc.

  4. Post your artifacts in an organized way that will be shared with other groups for discussion in your wiki space. Drawings, images, video and specific size details in terms of area or volume are encouraged.

  5. If time permits, create a futuristic kitchen appliance to make the world a better place. Describe what the function and describe the features of your device.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3






  1. Collaborate
  2. Build & Document
  3. Post to your wiki page
  4. Constructive Feedback
  5. Re-create
  6. Debrief

  • What are some of the obstacles and prior knowledge needed to complete this challenge?
  • What roadblocks did your group encounter during the documenting process?
  • Where there challenges posting your documentation to the wiki?
  • What specific strategies did you learn to help your complete the challenge and post to the wiki?
  • Brainstorm a list of inquiry topics that you could imagine students engaging in with this type of collaborative approach?
  • What other tools in addition to the wiki or classroom arrangements could work to facilitate inquiry?