Title of Innovative Idea:

Leveraging the Wiki to Increase Student Achievement

Description of Innovative Idea:

Posted Science Related:
  • Songs
  • Video Clips
  • Engaging Science Experiments and activities
Time Frame (if applicable):

Artifacts (student/other samples):

Rubrics/Assessments (if applicable)

Post one editable document as a word document. Then post for visual appeal post the document as a JGP, to do this, you first save the word document as a PDF and then resave as a JPG.
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Explain how your innovative idea will benefit the classroom experience (students, teachers, etc).

Using affect to increase cognition. Increasing motivation increases time on task, thus increasing understanding.

Handouts/Resources(website links):

Does your innovative idea address any of the following?:

  • solve real world problems

  • students as producers

  • open access for all students

  • equal distribution of work

  • exhibit passion

  • question the status quo

  • follow a line of thinking...

  • collaboration

  • communication

student engagement