Title of Lesson:

Doceri Implementation


Doceri is a tool for teachers and students. www.doceri.com

Time Frame:

Daily implementation

Student Artifacts:
Doceri allows for student portfolios. In it's most basic form, Doceri is an interactive whiteboard, but it has plenty of other options for both the teacher and student.



At this point, I have done 2 things:
-Students have created folders/portfolios in Doceri. They store work in the portfolio.
-Utilized Doceri Desktop to use iPad as a wireless presenter



Tuning: How does your project address the following?:

  • What areas of the learner profile were addressed?

  • solve real world problems

  • students as producers

  • open access for all students

  • equal distribution of work

  • exhibit passion

  • question the status quo

  • follow a line of thinking...

  • collaboration

  • communication