Title of Innovative Idea: From Above - Mark P.

Description of Innovative Idea: Use Google Earth to examine Earth's surface features when teaching about plate tectonics, topographic maps, and landforms. Students can use ipads, desktops, laptops, or their own electronic devices to explore... Teachers can project Google Earth upon an interactive board, allowing students to take their classmates on 'tours'...

Time Frame (if applicable):

Artifacts (student/other samples):

Rubrics/Assessments (if applicable)

Explain how your innovative idea will benefit the classroom experience (students, teachers, etc).

Handouts/Resources(website links):

Does your innovative idea address any of the following?:

  • solve real world problems

  • students as producers

  • open access for all students

  • equal distribution of work

  • exhibit passion

  • question the status quo

  • follow a line of thinking...

  • collaboration

  • communication

student engagement