Title of Innovative Idea: Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab

Description of Innovative Idea: We do a lab and lab report to demonstrate how osmosis works in cells using gummy bears. The kids place gummy bears in distilled water and tap water for two days, then transfer the inflated gummy bears into saltwater solutions for another two days. They will be taking pictures throughout the process and taking measurements of the bears to see how their volume increases at different rates depending on the purity of the water, and how the volume decreases as the water leaves the gummy bear to enter into the saltwater. I have done the lab before, but this time I will be adding the C.E.R. aspect as well as a communication piece to it. As opposed to just a lab report as in the past, this time I want the kids to create a presentation explaining their hypothesis, process, data, evidence, and final claim.

Time Frame (if applicable): 2 weeks

Artifacts (student/other samples): Nothing yet (we will be starting the lab next week).

Rubrics/Assessments (if applicable)

Here is the scoresheet that I came up with. (I still need to incorporate the communication piece)

Explain how your innovative idea will benefit the classroom experience (students, teachers, etc).

The templates and scoresheets can assist teachers who want ideas on how to use the CER method for lab reports.

Handouts/Resources(website links):

Here is the rough draft that the kids will use as they run through the steps of the lab. (I still need to incorporate the communication piece)
Here is the lab report template that the kids will fill in as they write their final report.

Does your innovative idea address any of the following?:

  • solve real world problems: Not really

  • students as producers: yes

  • open access for all students: Yes

  • equal distribution of work: Yes

  • exhibit passion: No

  • question the status quo: No

  • follow a line of thinking...: I don't think so

  • collaboration: Yes

  • communication: Yes

student engagement